Learning tennis photography

I have always wanted to capture action through photography. At the 2020 Australian Open I explored some of what sport photographers do, capturing pivotal moments, crowds and intimate scenes of tournament.

For some players, this was their first time hitting on the big stage, with some trying new styles to outplay more experienced opponents with ferosity and flair. For others it was about rock solid consistency and strategy. The crowds were as much a part of the experience as the matches. Their colourful (and sometimes outrageous) personalities add another dimension to the Australian Open experience.

I had never done sport photography before. There were many technical challenges from autofocus to low light conditions which tested my technique and equipment. Not all photos are perfect but it was good to improve somewhat over time. For those interested in a layman's take on sports photography, I will share some ideas in a separate post.

Qualifying tournament

The journeymen, the rising teenage stars. Qualifying matches are a great way to see players up close, and the matches often pack the same entertainment value, and emotional intensity.

Main tournament

The Melbourne summer has arrived. The mist fans start turning and the crowds pour in through Garden Square. Despite the Australian Open growing increasingly commercial through the years, one enduring quality has been its efforts to engage and include young tennis fans.



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