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See a different way of life on the roads less travelled. Join me as I speak with locals and explore the breadth of the human experience in Europe and Indonesia.

Summer in Tyrol

A hike in Crete

The Gili Islands


Explore hidden corners of Victoria and events across all seasons, from the autumn leaves of goldfield towns to Melbourne's sporting events.

Tyabb Airshow

Sport photography at Australian Open

Macro photography

Winton Wetlands

Using a 50 year old Canon rangefinder

Simple cooking

Check out recipes inspired by university laziness and cold Canberra evenings. I recently discovered camp cooking - there is also a section dedicated to using simple utensils as well as simple ingredients.

Article of the week

Art in Melbourne's tower blocks Suburbs in the sky.

There is something to be said about the art of writing. This week Alan takes us on a journey starting in with Le Corbusier's vision of future societies and how it shaped the experiences of generations of Melbournians.